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Our Team has 1.5 year of live experience developing & managing exchanges from TOP-40 of CMC.


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Bandwidth: 500.000 orders per second

Matching performance: 500.000 per second on trading pair.

  • Supported orders type: market / limit / stop limit
  • Application JVM dashboard
  • Possibility to trade up to 10 trading pairs at 1 server

Get time proven code & features

Our unique 1.5 year experience helps teams move faster to their goals.

Submission of pending orders

Creating a buy or sell order by a user at a specified price.

Creating market orders

Creating an order by a user according to which the purchase or sale is carried out immediately at current market prices.

Submission of SLTP orders

Creating an order by a user with the minimum and maximum costs indicated, with which s/he is ready to close the deal.

Submission of Trailing orders

Creating a dynamic order by a user that automatically transfers beyond the market price. This order has no fixed price and allows to place orders with a floating price level.

Module of user's open orders

A module in which open orders of the user are displayed and processed, and which enables managing them.

Module of user's trades history

A module for displaying the user's completed transactions, indicating the type and parameters of the transaction.

Module of all trades history

A module for displaying all completed transactions with a trading pair, indicating the type and parameters of the transaction.

Module of balances

A module for displaying the current state of balances on user’s wallets.

Module of tickers. Selected tickers.

A module for displaying traded currencies on the platform, indicating the price of the last transaction with it and the ability to add the currency to favorites.

Statistics module

A module that analyzes the current state of trading on the market and displays statistics on prices and trade volumes of the trading pair

Order book graph (depth)

Displays the proportion of buy and sell orders. In other words, it allows to evaluate the supply and demand on the market at the moment. The height of the graph is based on the number of sale or purchase applications at the respective prices. In the middle of the chart there is a point at which both walls run together and form a real price in a specific period of time.

Side graphs

Display the proportion of transaction volume of a particular position to the volume of the entire order book.

Candlestick chart + the instruments of the chart

A type of interval chart and a technical indicator, used to display changes in exchange trading. It shows how buyers or sellers control price movement at the moment.

Sending emails and notifications

A module for sending custom internal notifications and/or emails to an individual user or a group of users.

Notification module. Sending notifications on a trigger

Module responsible for the automatic distribution of internal notifications upon the occurrence of certain events.

Landing page SEO / traffic

A web page the main task of which is to collect contact information of the target audience, providing users with information about the capabilities of the platform and registration and authorization functionality

External information pages

Pages describing the operation of the system, security system and history of updates.

Statistics page

Displays statistics on trading pairs (price change analytics) and trading volumes (the number of coins that were in circulation for a certain period of time)

Knowledge base (Frequently asked questions)

a module designed to familiarize users with the principles of system operation and allows to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Knowledge Database search

Knowledge Database search module that allows to find any occurrence of the query text in the knowledge database articles.

Integration with Zendesk module. Sending a request to the support.

Allows to send a request to the support in 5 different categories.

Personal profile. Account. Setting an avatar (cropper)

An ability to set the user's avatar with the possibility of changing the image size and reseting to the original version.

Personal profile. Account. Switching on/off trading pairs Favorites

An ability of the user to choose the trading pairs, which will be displayed in the trading module and with which s/he will be able to conduct trading.

Personal profile. Account. Login history.

A module displaying information about all user logins and login metadata.

Personal profile. Account. Choice of commission type.

An ability of the user to choose the currency in which the commission will be charged when conducting transactions.

Personal profile. Security. 2FA

An ability of the user to manage two-factor authentication, which is used to enhance the protection of the account.

Personal profile. Security. IP address whitelist

Allows the user to enable the whitelist of IP addresses, under which the user can log in under his/her account.

Personal profile. Security. Sending notifications while login

An ability to send a message to the user's email at each login.

Personal profile. Security. Leave the session open.

An ability not to close the user session. After a long absence of activity, the user won't be logged out.

Personal profile. Verification. Sending contact information.

An ability of the user to send his/her contact information to the verification of the moderator for enabling funds withdrawals

Personal profile. Verification. Sending financial data.

An ability of the user to send his/her financial data to the verification of the moderator for enabling funds withdrawals

Personal profile. Verification. Sending address data.

An ability of the user to send his/her address data to the verification of the moderator for enabling funds withdrawals

Personal profile. Verification. Sending personal data.

An ability of the user to send his/her personal data to the verification of the moderator for enabling funds withdrawals

Personal profile. Verification. Know Your Customer function.

A module for “know your customer” user verification which enables funds withdrawals

Personal profile. Verification. Document management

A module for displaying and managing documents, sent to moderator verification.

Personal profile. Settings management notifications.

A module that allows to flexibly set up the sending of notifications for each trigger event (login, order placement, transaction completion, funds withdrawal)

Trade Matching Engine

A central order processing module, the main task of which is comparing the relevant orders and completion of transactions.

Admin panel. User page. profitability factor. User ban.

A page where the user table is displayed with view of profitability factor and the ability to ban the user.

Admin panel. The page of a separate user. Calculation of the profitability factor within the pairs.

A page where the table of a separate user is displayed with view of profitability factor within every trading pair.

Admin panel. The page of trades.

A page displaying all completed trades of the user and the related information about them

Admin panel. The commissions page. Commissions statistics.

A commission control module with the ability to set the ammount of the commission for each trading pair and display statistics on collected commissions.

Admin panel. The trading pairs page. Pairs management and statistics.

A module of management of trading pairs, statistics on the volume of trading pairs and the possibility of setting trading pairs.

Admin panel. Message page.

A page that realizes the functionality of sending custom messages to the user or a group of users with the ability to sort and search users

Admin panel. Knowledge base. Management of articles and categories.

A module of content and article categories of the knowledge base management.

Admin panel. Document Verification Page.

A module for verification and confirmation of user verification data, which realizes the possibility of permission confirmation to withdraw funds.

Admin panel. Transactions. Confirmation Function for transactions exceeding the limit.

Module for displaying and managing withdrawal requests, which exceed the established limit for withdrawal without confirmation.

Admin panel. Setting the email of support team.

The page fulfills the ability to set up the email of the support team, to which all the requests, sent to customer service, will come, and via which the system emails will be sent.

Admin panel. A module of candlestick charts management.

A module that implements the ability to remove candles on the chart that correspond to incorrect trades.

WALLETS page. Generation of wallets. User balances.

A module for generating custom cryptocurrency wallets and displaying user balances for each of them.

Withdrawal of cryptocurrency funds to the external wallets.

A module realizing the possibility to withdraw funds from the system to external user wallets.

Deposit of cryptocurrency funds to the user's wallet.

A module realizing the possibility to deposit funds to the system from the external user wallets.

Demo mode

Implements the ability to access the trading module for an unauthorized user with limited opportunities (the one who cannot place orders and enter personal account)

Change of password

A module that allows the user to change the password that is used to log in to the system.

Password recovery

A module that allows a user to recover a password by sending an e-mail to the user's address.

The exchange token

A token specially designed by an exchange on X11/Ether algorithm used for conducting operations.


A module that realizes the ability to switch the system to other languages.

Personal profile. Security. Whitelist withdraw addresses

A module that realizes the ability to create a list of wallets addresses, to which it will be allowed to withdraw user funds.

Liquidity aggregator

A module that allows to fill the order book with liquidity by trading pairs, pulling up liquidity from other exchanges.

Use of cold wallets and HSMs secure hardware

Devices with a special crypto processor, designed to create and protect cryptographic keys throughout their entire life cycle from generation to destruction, to increase safety as well as the integration of multisig-wallet technology, which is considered the best protection for users from malicious programs and protects private keys of wallets.

Lightning Network support

Transactions for the future.

Instant payments. Lightning blockings of payments without worrying about block confirmation time.

Security is ensured by block intellectual contracts without creating an on-blockchain transaction for individual payments.

Payment speed is measured from milliseconds to seconds.


The ability to conduct millions of transactions per second over the network.

Capacity that resets the old payment rails by many orders of magnitude.

Attaching a pay per action/click is now possible without custodians.


Cross blocking.

Cross-chain subscriber swaps can occur out of chain instantly with heterogeneous consensus logic chains. As long as chains can support the same cryptographic hash function, one can make transactions through chains without third-party custodians.

Mobile Application & Terminal software

Mobile apps for Android & IOS platforms, and a high-performance terminal app.

News Parser

A script that displays the most relevant news from the top sources.

Partner program

Three-layer partner program.


(A protocol for financial data exchange) a modified data transfer protocol, which is an international standard for data exchange between participants of cryptocurrency trading on exchanges in real time.

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Trading Engine

Full setup of Trading Engine like separate component for your Exchange.

  • Software installation and support

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  • Application and trading process monitoring

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  • Isolated data for different databases

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  • Fully transactional system, no data loss

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  • High bandwidth

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White Label

Your business gets a white label solution with liquidity that allows you to start a crypto exchange with
the smallest cost on development.

  • Code is property of Star Exchange Alliance

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  • Unique design

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  • You controll wallets

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  • Education of your development team

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  • Education of your management team

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  • Full setup and launch 15-20 days.

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Ready-made Business

You can buy an exchange that already works for 5-12 month and has users that are trading on the exchange.

  • Code is property of your company

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  • Design can be changed

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  • Listed on CoinMarketCap
  • Listed on CoinGecko
  • Already working bussiness with client database

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Top Team

Taras Podgorodetskyi

COO of Star Exchange Alliance. Serial Entrepreneur. ex-COO of team.

Oleksii Gnidash

CTO of Star Exchange Alliance. Architect. ex-CTO of team. 10 years in IT.

Dan Burenok

Founder of Knubisoft. CBDO of Star Exchange Alliance. 8 years in IT.


A few words about us

We are interested in having more players on the market that are developing their niches and business. According to our research, 82% of exchanges can`t be seen as players cause they don`t have any real tradings. We want to see the whole eco-system of healthy exchanges that are creating the future of decentralized crypto assets with us.